A guide to promoting your property portfolio online

The Foundry Agency works with lots of clients in the property industry, using PR, design and social media to help raise the profile of both the business and the properties they have on offer.

Making use of online resources to promote your property portfolio is easier and more important than ever!

Here are some tips to get you started:

Stay social

Make use of the social media channels available to you- other than advertising this may be your only opportunity to direct stakeholders straight to you.

Many agents use third party websites to advertise properties but with social media, you can cut out the middle man and drive all online traffic straight to your website.

Upload content regularly showing your followers the properties you have available and respond quickly to messages and enquiries.

The Foundry Agency manages social media for clients like Bluerow Homes and Caro Student Living, helping them to promote their property offerings online.

Sell yourself, not just your properties

Create online content that shows more than the properties you’d like to sell. Investors will need to buy in to you and your services as much as the properties on offer.

Offer regular tips and advice on the property sector. Stay on top of news and changes in the industry and provide your own expert opinion. All of this will help to position you as a leader in your field.

Think about your website!

Make sure that your website is clear and easy to follow. If the goal is to sell or let properties then make sure the properties are easy to find and information is clear on the page.

Update your website daily to ensure that all of the information is up to date and properties are updated regularly.

The Foundry Agency is behind the websites of developers like Vermont and Caro Student Living.

Images are everything

Use clear, strong photographs of your properties to post online. These should be high quality and really show off the space and features available.

Think about what investors, home-buyers and renters want to see. It is important to be transparent- if three bedrooms are stated but there’s only a photograph of one, potential clients may wonder what you’re trying to hide.

If you need a hand with promoting your property business online, contact us for a free consultation.  

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