The benefits of working with an integrated agency

Choosing the right PR agency, design agency and digital agency for any business is a tough decision. Communicating and regularly meeting with three different agencies is a full-time job in itself, so why not opt for an integrated approach instead?

At The Foundry Agency, we offer a Joined up Thinking approach and devise cross-channel communication solutions that builds brands, drives influence, engage customers and ultimately increases sales.

So what’s so great about a multi-disciplined agency?

To begin with an integrated agency will view your brief from a wider perspective and deliver a fully comprehensive plan that integrates your key messages and objectives across all media and methods.

Having just one consultancy will mean the work produced is always consistent. The team will all have access to your library of collateral meaning that anything created will be uniform.

Full service agencies also develop a firm understanding of your business and its products or services, as well as the markets you operate in. The team will soon become an extension to your marketing department, offering a cohesive service that provides seamless and ‘on-brand’ messaging throughout campaigns.

The agency will also be able to work reactively and proactively to you ever changing needs. Whether you require a press release, an update to your website or a completely new and exciting advertising campaign – they are just a phone call away!

Most importantly, you will build a great working relationship with the agency as they will have a genuine interest in your business. You will be keen to bounce off a multitude of ideas with them, whether it’s about marketing and sales or the overall growth of the company.

Whether your business requires all of our services or just one, we can create something truly unique that will meet all of your objectives. To discuss your needs or to receive our comprehensive service menu, call us on 0151 709 1633 or contact us here.

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