Knowing your media

If your business is new to public relations, a good place to start is by getting your name in the media (for the right reasons of course) – we tend to call this media relations.

One of the first things you need to identify is your target media. This will be based on your target audience. Ask yourself; is your ideal customer going to be reading XYZ publication?

The list might include a number of different news outlets, such as:

  • Your local and regional newspapers
  • Online news sites
  • Local/county magazines
  • Trade, technical and professional magazines in your industry
  • National newspapers
  • Consumer and lifestyle magazines
  • Bloggers or influencers
  • Local radio and television
  • National radio and television

It’s important to note that whilst your target audience might be reading ‘said’ magazine or newspaper, it doesn’t mean that the publication will feature it. Remember they want ‘news’ not an overly promotional story, otherwise they’ll just suggest to take out an advert which can be costly.

Try looking at past news that outlet has covered. If they have featured similar stories it could be a good indication that they might cover yours.

If in doubt, call the news desk and speak with a journalist to find out whether your story would be of interest to them and their readers. They’re usually very honest which is really helpful.

Keep note of who you speak to and input their details into a database, it will be useful when you send the next story and help you build a good relationship with them going forward.

Journalists are notoriously busy and usually have a number of deadlines looming over them. When sending them a story, try and make it easy for them by writing it up into a press release format, making sure it’s grammatically and factually correct. Accompany it with a relevant high resolution photo.

If you’re struggling to implement a successful media relations campaign, or just don’t have the time, a PR agency (hint: like ourselves!) is best placed to advise what will and won’t work, and can manage the whole process for you, from; identifying a story and drafting the press release to issuing it and collating the resulting coverage.

If you’re looking to get your name and news out there, contact us to find out how we can help!

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